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The increasing use of the internet by minors has made public the risk they run of becoming victims of serious cyber-crime. This awareness has led to the adoption of binding and soft-law instruments in the field of International and EU law aimed at combating new forms of crime and protecting minors in the cyberspace. This paper, after having critically analysed the main acts adopted at International and EU level, focuses on their implementation in the Italian legal system. In doing so, cybercrimes committed by adults against children and those committed among peers will be separately considered. The study shows that, despite the legislator’s attempt to carry out the obligations deriving from International and EU Law, there are still several critical profiles in the national law.

In: International Criminal Law Review
Evolving Dynamics in International and European Law
Legal Sources in Business and Human Rights engages with some evolving trends that are currently affecting the international and EU law sources in the field of Business and Human Rights. Three main dynamics are detected and explored: the emergence of international legal obligations that are also binding on corporations (Part I); the growing participation of corporations in traditional international standard-setting and law-making processes and, in parallel, the emergence of atypical and heterogeneous law-making processes (Part II); the formal or substantive hardening of originally soft normative standards, through a multi-layered and multi-player law-making process (Part III). Interestingly, these trends concur to mitigate States’ reluctance to accept binding rules in this field, and to strengthen the effectiveness of soft international regulation.
In: Legal Sources in Business and Human Rights
In: Legal Sources in Business and Human Rights
In: Legal Sources in Business and Human Rights
In: Legal Sources in Business and Human Rights