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Gnosticism, Mandaeism and Merkabah Mysticism
Author: Deutsch
The Gnostic Imagination is the first comprehensive study of the relationship between Gnosticism and Merkabah mysticism. It includes an exhaustive analysis of Gershom Scholem's views on the subject, an analytical survey of other secondary literature, and a focused examination of primary sources.
The work explores a wide range of topics including myth, exegesis, ascent traditions, and cosmology. Although the main focus is on western Gnostic traditions and Merkabah mysticism, the book also includes relevant material from Mandaeism and from later stages of Jewish mysticism such as German Pietism and Kabbalah.
Not only is this volume the first to survey and evaluate the history of scholarship on this complex subject, but it also creates new pathways for future studies by illuminating the crucial methodological and topical issues in the field.
Author: Deutsch
Angelic Vice Regency in Late Antiquity
This exploration of the phenomenon of angelic vice regency in Late Antiquity compares figures from Judaism, Mandaeism, and Gnosticism. The first part of the book is devoted to the question of mediation in Late Antiquity and to the role of exegesis in the formation of vice regent myths. The second part of the book examines the Jewish figures Metatron and Akatriel, the Mandaean figure Abathur, and the Gnostic figure Sabaoth. After a final chapter on the types of communities which may have produced these myths, the volume concludes with appendices which briefly examine Christian, Muslim, and Hermetic traditions.
This volume is especially helpful to those interested in the connections between late antique mythologies and in particular the many parallels between Jewish mysticism and Mandaeism.
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