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An insightful survey of the legal issues, both national and international, that affect the cross-border employment relationship today. Essays by practitioners from North America and Europe offer prudent procedures-and warn of pitfalls-in such areas as hiring and firing, expatriate employment issues, the extraterritorial effect of domestic employment laws, corporate codes of conduct, employee benefits in the multinational corporation, and employment issues in international business transactions and trade agreements.

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The snowpack in the vicinity of the Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area is among the most acidic in the western United States. We analyzed water chemistry and examined hatching success in tiger salamanders and chorus frogs at ponds there and at nearby Rabbit Ears Pass (Dumont) to determine whether acid deposition affects amphibians or their breeding habitats at these potentially sensitive locations. We found a wide range of acid neutralizing capacity among ponds within sites; the minimum pH recorded during the experiment was 5.4 at one of 12 ponds with all others at pH ≥ 5.7. At Dumont, hatching success for chorus frogs was greater in ponds with low acid neutralizing capacity; however, lowest pHs were > 5.8. At current levels of acid deposition, weather and pond characteristics are likely more important than acidity in influencing hatching success in amphibian larvae at these sites.

In: Amphibia-Reptilia