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The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS or the Commission) is a specialist body with a limited mandate with the potential to have a significant impact upon the dynamic of the law of the sea in coming decades as more coastal States seek to claim outer continental shelves (OCS). By the end of 2007, the Commission had received nine submissions but made only three recommendations. Many coastal States will be lodging OCS submissions in the coming years, raising issues as to the Commission's workload and capacity to efficiently consider each submission. Coastal States need to be mindful not only of the legal but also of the practical and strategic issues that are emerging in OCS submissions, including how many of them can meet the May 2009 submission cut-off. Making a partial OCS claim may be one approach. A review is undertaken of relevant State and Commission practice to date.

In: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law
In: The Australian Year Book of International Law Online
In: The Law of the Sea and the Polar Regions
In: The Oceans in the Nuclear Age
In: Governance of Arctic Shipping
Navigation, Security and Sovereignty in the North American Arctic
In Arctic Ocean Shipping, Donald R. Rothwell assesses contemporary navigation, security and sovereignty issues in the North American Arctic. Shipping in the Arctic Ocean is becoming a critical legal, geopolitical and security issue as a result of climate change and increased interest from non-Arctic States such as China. The law of the sea provides the key legal framework for the regulation of Arctic Ocean shipping, and has been relied upon by Canada and the United States to develop the legal regime for the Northwest Passage and the Bering Strait. Navigation within the EEZ and high seas in the Arctic is also becoming more strategically significant as a result of climate change. Multiple issues are raised with respect to maritime security and the adequacy of the existing legal regime, including how Canada and the United States will respond to interest being expressed in Arctic shipping by Asian States.