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In: Biblical Interpretation


Hemicycliophora labiata was reported from the rhizosphere of Poa pratensis and for the first time in Korea. Females and juveniles are molecularly characterised and morphological and morphometric descriptions supplied. Species identification was made using an integrative approach considering morphological characteristics and the results of the analyses of the D2-D3 expansion segment of 28S rRNA, ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 of rRNA and the partial COI gene sequences. The phylogenetic position of H. labiata is resolved after recent misidentifications due to the existence of a wide morphological plasticity within the genus. Females and juveniles from Korea conform to the original description and also to subsequent species descriptions from Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and India. Despite the close morphological similarities with H. typica de Man, 1921, the two species can be adequately differentiated based on molecular data. This is the first molecular characterisation of H. labiata. The use of molecular markers in species delimitation continues to explore the existence of species complexes, thus providing a better understanding of the unresolved species biodiversity within this speciose genus.

In: Nematology