Calverley, E. E.

Herms, E. and Schwinger, E.

Herms, E. and Ströker, E.

Herms, E. and Schwinger, E.

Geir E.E. Söli


A new genus, Sticholeia, is erected to comprise two new species, cheesmanae and dolichostyla, from New Guinea and Vanuatu, respectively, and an unnamed female from Indonesia. Members of the new genus have two ocelli, a row of strong bristles near the hind margin of the eyes, tibial trichia arranged in regular rows, and strongly prolonged male terminalia. Despite featuring some characters supposed to be diagnostic for the subfamily Manotinae, the new genus is attributed to the tribe Leiini of Sciophilinae. The genus may represent the sistergroup of Allactoneura de Meijere plus Leiella Enderlein. Judged from the distribution of characters among Leiini the monotypic tribe Allactoneurini is rejected.

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