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The Dead Sea Scrolls

Transmission of Traditions and Production of Texts


How were Jewish texts produced and transmitted in late antiquity? What role did scribal practices play in the shaping of both scriptural and interpretive traditions, which are—as the Scrolls show so decisively—intimately intertwined? How were texts assembled from a variety of earlier sources, both oral and written? Why were they often attributed to pseudonymous authors from the remote past such as Moses and David? How did the composers of these texts understand the enterprise in which they were engaged? This volume furthers current debates about Qumran Scribal Practice and the transmission of traditions in Jewish Antiquity. It is published with the conviction that the transmission of traditions and the details of scribal practices—so often treated separately—should be considered in conversation with each other.
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Sapiential, Liturgical and Poetical Texts from Qumran

Proceedings of the Third Meeting of the International Organization for Qumran Studies, Oslo 1998. Published in Memory of Maurice Baillet

At the third meeting of the International Organisation for Qumran Studies, held in Oslo in 1998, a variety of papers were presented concerning the study of the Sapiential, Liturgical and Poetical Texts from Qumran. The fourteen papers selected for this volume are arranged in three sections. ‘Sapiential Texts’ contains four studies on different wisdom texts from Cave 4; ‘Liturgical and Poetical Texts’ is formed by seven papers dealing with independent poetic or liturgical compositions; while ‘Qumran Wisdom and the New Testament’ presents three papers that explore the relationship of wisdom materials found at Qumran and some passages of the New Testament.
The volume is published in memory of Maurice Baillet, who passed away shortly before the meeting. It contains a biographical sketch and his complete bibliography provided by Emile Puech.