Editor: Elena Xeni
This volume explores play from an interdisciplinary standpoint. In seeking to encourage innovative and in-depth trans-disciplinary dialogues, contributions hosted in this volume succeed in revealing research realities and avenues concerning the study of play. With input from a variety of areas, i.e. sociology, technology, creative arts, history, and philosophy, this volume is a must-have for anyone with an interest in looking into the study of play from a multi-disciplinary angle.
In: Exploring Ethnographic and Non-Ethnographic Approaches of Suicide and Self-Harm
In: Creativity in Educational Research and Practice
In: Humanities in the 21st Century
Ways to understand creativity better, as well as investigate, enhance, introduce and implement creativity more effectively, are some of the issues tackled in this collection of papers. This is an essential, inspiring and uplifting book, which covers trends, methods and practices that are evolving within the field of creativity and creativity in education.
In: Creating a Visual World: From Concepts to Classrooms