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In: The Dead Sea Scrolls In Context (2 vols) 
Author: Esther Eshel


Four Aramaic manuscripts from Qumran Cave corresponding to the third part of the Ethiopic Book of Enoch, which is titled "The Book of the Revolution of the Luminaries of Heaven". We have examined some enigmatic texts found in Qumran, all sharing knowledge of the various fields of astronomy, astrology and demonology. We were able to suggest better translations for two Aramaic terms which are documented in 4Q211, by introducing evidence from two ostraca of about the same date, but of different origin. The two ostraca are from pagan Mareshah, which was populated by various ethnic groups, such as Edomites and Sidonites. Finally, we have looked at the broad context of these texts and compared them with other contemporaneous texts that combine knowledge of astrology, astronomy and demonology, trying to draw some conclusions as to the cultural connections between Babylon and southern Syria during the Persian and Hellenistic periods.

In: The Dead Sea Scrolls In Context (2 vols) 
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In: Dead Sea Discoveries