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Gerald Lankester Harding began to think about a team to deal specifically with the Cave 4 scrolls shortly after the inundation with fragments began in September 1952. The earliest documents concerning the formation of the team seem to indicate that its main purpose was the cleaning, identification, grouping, reconstruction, and translation of the Cave 4 fragments. The assignation of materials for publication, and the limitation of publication solely to Cave 4 Team members and replacements made as necessary, seems to have been an idea that evolved naturally, but as events turned out, perhaps unfortunately as well. The team included Professor Frank Moore Cross, Jr., Jozef T. Milik, Preben Wernberg-MØller, John Marco Allegro, and John A. Emerton. The chapter also gives a short biography of each, including those who were invited but did not accept, and summarizes the way the team worked.

In: The Dead Sea Scrolls, A Full History