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In: The China Educational Development Yearbook, Volume 3
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This research surveyed 101 teams, involving 497 team members and 101 team leaders, in a large multinational company in China. A hierarchical linear model is used to examine the hypothesized mediated moderation model. It is found that: (1) individual psychological empowerment is positively related to creative performance; (2) the relationship between transactional leadership and subordinates’ creative performance is moderated by team empowerment climate; (3) individual transactional leadership behavior is positively related to subordinates’ creative performance in teams with higher empowerment climate, but negatively related to subordinates’ creative performance in lower empowerment climate; and (4) the relationship between transactional leadership, team empowerment climate and creative performance is partially mediated by subordinates’ psychological empowerment perception. Theoretical contributions and practical implications are also discussed.

In: Frontiers of Literary Studies in China


The genus Dicranopselaphus Guérin-Méneville (= Spineubria Nakane, syn. n.) from the Oriental region is revised. Twenty-seven species are recognized, of which twenty-one are described as new: D. bicolor, D. brevicornis, D. doiinthanonus, D. emasensis, D. fangensis, D. flavus, D. jaechi, D. jiangxiensis, D. malickyi, D. morimotoi, D. sichuanensis, D. nagaii, D. nantai, D. nepalensis, D. sabahensis, D. sakaii, D. sarawacensis, D. schneideri, D. similis, D. taiwanus, and D.yamasakii. The following combinations and synonyms are proposed: Grammeubria emmanueli Pic, 1918 and G. atra Pic, 1938 = D. emmanueli (Pic); Grammeubria javana Pic, 1916 = D. javanus (Pic); Ectopria multimaculata Pic, 1934 = D. multimaculatus (Pic); Spineubria reticulata Nakane, 1952 = D. reticulatus (Nakane); Grammeubria rufa Pic, 1916 and Spineubria yasumatsui Chûjô & Satô, 1975 = D. rufus (Pic); and Grammeubria testaceicornis Pic, 1923 = D. testaceicornis (Pic). Lectotypes are designated for D. emmanueli, D. javanus, D. multimaculatus, D. rufus, and D. testaceicornis.

In: Insect Systematics & Evolution


Studies from the West have reported a positive relationship between religion and mental health, and yet research on the relationship between religiosity and well-being among Chinese is rare. The present study investigated this relationship in a representative sample of Chinese college students. From a total sample of 11139 college students in 16 universities nationwide, 1418 students with self-reported religious beliefs were selected. We assessed religiosity (organizational, non-organizational, and intrinsic/extrinsic religiosity), subjective well-being (life satisfaction), psychological distress (depression & anxiety), and meaning in life. In addition, qualitative interviews were conducted with 10 psychologically distressed and 10 non-distressed religious students. Results indicated that religiosity was associated with higher life satisfaction, a relationship partially mediated by meaning in life. Unexpectedly, religiosity was also associated with higher depressive and anxiety symptoms. Qualitative interviews revealed that distressed religious believers suffered from greater mental distress before becoming involved in religion, compared to non-distressed religious students.

In: Archive for the Psychology of Religion
In: Looking for A Road
In: Looking for A Road