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Rendering Justice to the Vulnerable

Liber Amicorum in Honour of Theo van Boven

Edited by Fons Coomans, Fred Grünfeld, Ingrid Westendorp and Jan Willems

Those involved in human rights, whether on a theoretical or a practical level, sometimes cannot help feeling that they are dancing on a tightrope stretched between two high trees above a deep ravine. On one side of the ravine, a jungle stretches out as far as the eye can see; a jungle which is ruled by the laws of the fittest; laws that have no regard for justice and vulnerability. On the other side of the ravine, justice has, in the course of time, changed the laws of the jungle into laws which include and protect vulnerable individuals in society.
In this second volume in celebration of Theo van Boven's 65th birthday, a number of Theo's friends try to come to grips with the tension between the `jungle of exclusion' and the `ideal of inclusion', in the full knowledge that Theo has preceded them in a great deal of pioneering work.
The volume opens with an interview with Theo van Boven. Topics covered in the present volume include ( inter alia): pre-20th century bills or rights, Mandelstam as forgotten pioneer of human rights, racial and gender discrimination, the rights of the child and child abuse, the right to reparation, the role of bystanders, globalization of economic power, economic and social rights and the European Union, tobacco use as a human rights issue, illegally obtained evidence, human rights policies, cultural diversity, human rights funding, the African human rights system, follow-up action to state reporting, character of the views of the Human Rights Committee, the Human Rights Committee and gender mainstreaming, the UN Commission on Human Rights, and the International Criminal Court.
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Human Rights from Exclusion to Inclusion: Principles and Practice

An Anthology from the Work of Theo van Boven

Edited by Fons Coomans, Cees Flinterman, Fred Grünfeld, Ingrid Westendorp and Jan Willems

Professor Theo van Boven has made his mark in the field of human rights by writing a vast number of scholarly articles, reports, studies, congress papers and the like, covering many topics. Most of his work has been published in law journals, textbooks, Festschrifts and other sources. Since not all of these publications are easily accessible, it is the purpose of this anthology to bring together a selection of his writings from 1966 to 1998.
The editors have focused on those subjects that played a major part during Theo van Boven's career and that are, in their view, the most interesting to the reader. That is why this volume contains papers on such issues as the United Nations and its role as regards human rights, racial discrimination, the right to rehabilitation, the international criminal tribunals, the role of NGOs and many more. The papers have been arranged in different groups under general headings. Within each group, articles dealing with the same subject have been put in chronological order. A detailed bibliography, covering most of Theo van Boven's publications, is included in this book as an annex.
All through his work Theo van Boven displays his sound theoretical background as well as his enormous practical experience. This combination makes his writings so attractive and compelling to read.