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In this chapter I look at dancedance as a basis for the scholarly study of the human conditionhuman condition and as a main focus in African humanities research. I do so based on my experiences as a Ghanaian choreographerchoreography whose dance productions have catered to large audiences on national occasions and in the global arena. Dance productions make use of the core values, themes and concerns of contemporary society in order to express the underlying shared dimension of spiritual and moral values, to build upon cultural memory and identity. My choreographedchoreography performances draw on traditional forces of indigenous harmony and on forms of artistic expression in Ghanaian dance. They also integrate and juxtapose the varied ethnic traditions of our postcolonialpostcolonialism context. As I explore how I strive in my work to portray the struggles of inner postcolonialpostcolonialism cities, I also examine the payoffs of using dance theatretheatre as a medium for public educationeducation, behavioral transformation, and nation building.

In: Philosophical Foundations of the African Humanities through Postcolonial Perspectives