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In: Fichtes letzte Darstellungen der Wissenschaftslehre
In: Fichte in Erlangen 1805
In: Fichte Studien
In: Fichte Studien
In: Fichte Studien
In: Fichte Studien


This essay seeks to present Fichte as a political thinker of European significance. To this end, the first section elucidates the basic political profile of Fichte’s philosophy. The second section further investigates the political character of Fichte’s philosophy by recourse to the triple motto of the French Revolution – „Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” – and its correlation with Fichte’s trinity of „I”, „You” and „We“. The final section addresses the mediating and transitional role and function of the political in Fichte, for whom the state is not a final end but always only a means.

In: Mit Fichte philosophieren
In: Freiheit nach Kant