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This series is no longer published by Brill

Ancient West & East is a peer-reviewed (bi-)annual devoted to the study of the history and archaeology of the periphery of the Graeco-Roman world, concentrating on local societies and cultures and their interaction with the Graeco-Roman, Near Eastern and early Byzantine worlds. The chronological and geographical scope is deliberately broad and comprehensive, ranging from the second millennium BC to Late Antiquity, and encompassing the whole ancient Mediterranean world and beyond, including ancient Central and Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region, Central Asia and the Near East.
Ancient West & East aims to bring forward high-calibre studies from a wide range of disciplines and to provide a forum for discussion and better understanding of the interface of the classical and barbarian world throughout the period.
Ancient West & East will reflect the thriving and fascinating developments in the study of the ancient world, bringing together Classical and Near Eastern Studies and Eastern and Western scholarship.
Each volume will consist of articles, notes and reviews. Libraries and scholars will appreciate to find so much new material easily accessible in one volume.
Originally published as Volume 4 (2005) of Brill's bi-annual Ancient West & East.
Recent Discoveries and Studies
This volume deals with the classical archaeology of the northern Black Sea littoral, discussing excavations and studies conducted by Russian, Ukrainian, German, Czech and British archaeologists and classicists over the last 10-12 years. It presents the results of excavations of such sites as Berezan, Nikonion, the chora of Olbia, the chora of Chersonesus, rural settlements of the European Bosporus, sites on the Taman Peninsula, etc. Several articles discuss the Scythians and other local peoples, as well as particular objects.
This 6th volume of Colloquia Pontica publishes much previously unknown material, and gives a clear picture of the achievements of scholarship in the study of the North Pontic Region. Included are book reviews and an eloborate listing of new publications. The book is very richly illustrated.
An Account of Greek Colonies and Other Settlements Overseas, Volume One
The 2-volume handbook is dedicated to one of the most significant processes in the history of ancient Greece - colonisation. Greeks set up colonies and other settlements in new environments, establishing themselves in lands stretching from the Iberian Peninsula in the west to North Africa in the south and the Black Sea in the north east. In this colonial world Greek and local structures met, influenced and enriched each other. The handbook brings together historians and archaeologists, all world experts, to present the latest ideas and evidence. The principal aim is to present and update the general picture of this phenomenon, showing its importance in the history of the whole ancient world, including the Near East. The work is dedicated to Prof. A.J. Graham.
This first volume gives a lengthy introduction to the problem, including methodological and theoretical issues. The chapters cover Mycenaean expansion, Phoenician and Phocaean colonisation, Greeks in the western Mediterranean, Syria, Egypt and southern Anatolia, etc. The volume is richly illustrated.