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This article focuses on the encounter between two actors of the mission of the Gülen Movement: Turkish teachers dedicated to the cause, and African teachers hired locally. It underlines the gap existing between the two groups as well as their diverging teaching conceptions. Through a sociological analysis of this religious institution, this article is an attempt to explain the origins of these gaps as well as the points of convergence between them. Beyond the observation of objective social status differences, it uses a processual approach of their commitments in the religious institution to shed a new light on the day-to-day reality of a Muslim Mission originating from Turkey in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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In: Missions and Preaching

The aim of this article is to expose the missionary perspective of a Muslim Movement originating from Turkey, the Gülen movement, in its educative action in Subsharan Africa. We will underline the way the followers of this movement articulate a discourse of development to their educative mission in Africa. This article will also analyze the point of view of African students from the Gülen schools on the Gülen Movement’s mission.

In: Social Sciences and Missions