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An illustrated manuscript of the Dīvān of the Persian poet Ḥāfiẓ (c. 1315–1390) made in Kashmir in the late-18th century is the subject of this article. The provenance of the manuscript and the nature of the present collection in which it is kept are discussed. The role of Ḥāfiẓ in Persian literature is given ample attention. All forty miniatures contained in the Huis Bergh volume are briefly described, and the themes depicted therein are discussed.

In: Journal of Islamic Manuscripts
In: Shahnama Studies III
In: Shahnama Studies II
In: Orality and Textuality in the Iranian World
The Reception of the Shahnama
Shahnama Studies III focuses on the hugely successful afterlife of the Shahnama or Book of Kings, completed by the poet Firdausi around 1010 AD. This long epic grew out to be an icon of Persian culture and served as a source of inspiration for art and literature, leaving its traces in manifold ways. The contributors to this volume each treat an aspect of the rich legacy of the Shahnama and offer new insights in Shahnama manuscript studies, the illustration of the Shahnama, the phenomenon of later epics, and the Shahnama in later texts and contexts.
In: Shahnama Studies III
In: Shahnama Studies III