Editor: Gerald Simpson
This book was originally researched by the author for the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group. The aim was to analyse the Palestinian High Court's judgments ordering the Palestinian Authority to release Palestinian political prisoners whose penal procedural rights - together with the High Court's judgments - have been disregarded by the Palestinian Authority since 1996.
With a view to providing practical recommendations to all parties responsible, the book includes the following features: - an introduction to the political and legal contexts and an independent summary analysing the findings of the research; - tables presenting all High Court cases dealing with Palestinian political prisoners detained in the Palestinian Territories handed down between 30 November 1997 and 13 June 2000; - 17 translations and analyses of pleadings to and judgments of the High Court; - transcripts of interviews with High Court judges and lawyers; - summaries and translations of applicable penal procedural law in force in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank; - a full new translation of the Draft Palestinian Judicial Authority Law; - presentation and analysis of provisions of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreements relating to criminal and security jurisdiction in the Palestinian Territories.