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In: Debating Levinas’ Legacy
In: Phenomenology and Experience
In: Phenomenological Perspectives on Plurality
In: Phenomenological Perspectives on Plurality
In: Phenomenological Perspectives on Plurality
In: Phenomenological Perspectives on Plurality
In: Investigating Subjectivity
Phenomenological Perspectives on Plurality offers twelve essays that discuss how the question of plurality is thought in contemporary continental philosophy. In particular, its essays investigate how this issue influences topics in ontology, aesthetics, and social and political philosophy as well as other fields.

In the wake of the critique of metaphysics as onto-theology, the question of plurality has become a central focus of philosophy today. This question does not only give rise to rethink the beginning of metaphysics as well as some of its basic concepts, such as the notion of God, but also influences the contemporary conception of art, identity and community.

A dialogue is not only concerned with speaking with other people about something, but also includes a speaking for those who can no longer speak as well as for their opinions. In this first part of this essay, in discussion with authors such as Gadamer, Ricoeur and Derrida, I will show in which sense the dimension of speaking for... is part of a hermeneutic conception of dialogue and in which sense this speaking for... helps me in applying the model of dialogue to relation of the historian to the past. In the second part of this essay, I develop this model of dialogue to account for the historian’s activity in terms of the notions of testimony and witnessing. I show how these notions determine the course of Ricoeur’s later reflections on the philosophy of history and why these reflections may benefit from a reconsideration of Gadamer’s conception of generosity and experience.

In: Journal of the Philosophy of History
Series Editor: Gert-Jan van der Heiden
Studies in Phenomenology publishes research in phenomenological philosophy and its hermeneutical and deconstructive extensions. The series focuses on the relevance of phenomenology for human life, its relation to the world and contemporary culture. The series publishes volumes on current topics in phenomenology, as well as on major authors in the phenomenological movement, and on significant developments within the field. It also welcomes studies that relate the phenomenological approach to other disciplines in philosophy, the humanities, literary and cultural studies.

The series published an average of two volumes per year over the last 5 years.