Author: Ghada Ageel

Four years ago, the Arab Awakening started out auspiciously. It caught many by surprise to say the least and its inception, strength and energy have continued to shock numerous commentators. While some observers noted that this powerful process had bypassed Palestine, others have offered a completely different view, arguing that the current situation is ripe for Palestine’s enactment of the Arab Awakening.

This article examines the validity of arguing the possibility or the impossibility of a Palestinian Arab Spring-style uprising. Has the spring really bypassed Palestine? Does Palestine exhibit the circumstances and capacities whose presence in other Arab countries seemed to be prerequisites for uprising? Moreover, if developments and initiatives adopted by the collective are of any indicator and Palestinians opt for a mass populist non-violent uprising, then what goals, tools and tactics would the coming Intifada adopt?

While attempting to place Palestine within a broader contextual analysis of the Arab Spring, the article seeks answers to these questions and argues that nonviolent resistance is emerging as the most potent means for reforming the Palestinian house and also for defying the occupation and exposing its crimes. The article presents a framework for the description and then provides recommendations.

In: Sociology of Islam