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In: Practicing Gnosis
In: The Codex Judas Papers

In the myth as well as the frame story of the Apocryphon of John, Sethian conflict with others is narrativized. For instance, Adam and Eve withdraw from the biblical creator just as John turns away from the temple in Jerusalem after an altercation with a Jewish antagonist. The gnostic authors of the text portrayed the creator so negatively that he is incomparable with most demiurgic figures in Platonism, Judaism, and Christianity. Their ignorant, boastful, jealous and apostate Ialdabaoth was shocking to their ancient opponents. And for modern scholars, this countercultural vilification of the creator makes it difficult to categorize the authors of the apocryphon in Platonic, Jewish, or Christian terms.

In: Gnosis: Journal of Gnostic Studies


This article critiques prior epistolary analysis of the Mar Saba Clementine done by Jeff Jay in comparison with a variety of other Greek and Latin epistles. As a closer match, it brings forward Serapion’s letter on the Gospel of Peter apud Eusebius. Due to a pair of formal and conceptual parallels, combined in the Historia ecclesiastica, the article hypothesizes that Morton Smith’s discovery is a modern forgery, which he based upon Eusebius’s excerpt of Serapion in Hist. eccl. 6.12 and upon Eusebius’s paraphrase of the authentic Clement in Hist. eccl. 6.14.

In: Novum Testamentum