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Beneath the Volcano

Religion, Cosmology and Spirit Classification among the Nage of Eastern Indonesia

Gregory L. Forth

Beneath the Volcano is the first major account of the Nage, who inhabit the central part of Flores in eastern Indonesia.
The book focuses on Nage ideas concerning a variety of spiritual beings and how these influence both ritual practices and ideas about human beings. In exploring these subjects, the author sets out to uncover a classification of spirits. While quite different from taxonomies of natural beings, Nage ways of linking named categories of spirits nevertheless reveal a regular conceptual order. In describing this order, use is made of a version of Dumont's notion of 'encompassment'. Common ideas informing relations between Nage humans and several categories of spirits are further interpreted as instances of a pervasive principle of 'symmetric inversion', according to which human beings are spirits for the spirits.

Guardians of the Land in Kelimado

Louis Fontijne’s Study of a Colonial District in Eastern Indonesia

Edited by Gregory L. Forth

In 1940, a Dutch colonial officer named Louis Fontijne (1902-1968) was commissioned to conduct an investigation of indigenous land tenure and leadership in the Residency of Timor and Dependencies. Dealing specifically with Kelimado, a region included in the Nage district of central Flores, its main product was a remarkable study of society and culture and the effects of over three decades of Dutch administration and Christian proselytizing. In regard to ethnographic detail and analytical insight, the work, entitled Grondvoogden in Kelimado, resembles more an academic thesis than a government report; yet another interest is Fontijne's forthright critique of colonial policy and recommendations for administrative reform.


An Ethnographic Study of a Traditional Domain in Eastern Sumba


Gregory L. Forth

The author describes Rindi culture within an analytic framework that illustrates connexions between, and common principles among, often apparently disparate realms of thought and action. The book contains chapters on the house; the village and the domain (an aggregate of villages); space and cosmos; religion (the notions "hamangu" and "ndewa"; divinity and the ancestors; the powers of the earth); the cycle of life and death; social order (class stratification; the division of authority; descent groups) and the system of asymmetric prescriptive alliance by which it is governed; marriage prestations and the various ways of contracting a marriage. The study is based on 22 months of fieldwork.

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