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Héctor de la Fuente Limón

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Leonel Álvarez Yáñez and Héctor De la Fuente Limón


In this paper we discuss the challenges that confront a national strategy that favors sovereign, progressive and counter-hegemonic development projects. The social appropriation of science plays a prime role in such a strategy and can be contrasted with its logical opposite, the capitalist appropriation of science. Never before has so much knowledge been accumulated with potential to transform the surrounding environment in favor of humanity. Nevertheless, the fact that this knowledge has been placed in the service of the interests of a minority who control political and economic power is far from creating the conditions for achieving a humane and just society, and instead is tending towards an abyss of terrifying proportions. The future of life itself on this planet is threatened by the ravages of hunger, poverty, unemployment, insecurity, and environmental degradation, which now touch millions.