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Gen Z is a group of people who are more inclined towards virtual communication. This inclination has been influenced by their dependency on the smart phone and social media that results in internet addiction. Without realising it, their interpersonal communication skills are affected which among others is active listening (AL). Gen Z was found to have difficulty practicing an effective listening process when interacting with others face-to-face as the focus was more directed towards the device. To overcome this issue, references from the al-Quran on AL has been analysed with a focus on the element of mind building with listening (MBL). This research uses the qualitative method and data collected are from the books of exegesis that discusses this component of MBL and literature from previous research. A total of six verses of the Quran themed ‘سَمِع’ were selected and analyzed. Five tafsir books are referred to as primary sources to discuss the interpretation of sentences by focusing on the components in PMA. The results showed that suggested five components that could improve AL among Gen Z are to i) apply the value of Iman ii) receive and give attention iii) think, understand and evaluate iv) enquire and to v) respond and take action. It is therefore hoped that gen Z will benefit from this MBL and to practice it in communication that will consequently improve their interpersonal relationships with those important to them.

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In: Al-Bayan: Journal of Qur'an and Hadith Studies