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The discourse on Africa’s dark otherness, derived largely from outdated modernization theories, is tenacious and has a huge impact on present-day public perceptions of Africa and on prospects for African futures. Nonetheless, it is arguable that there is no single future for Africa, just in the same way as there was no single past, and there is no single present. African futures are polymorphous, polycentric, heterogeneous, and unpredictable. They manifest themselves along multiple roads, paths, scenarios, trajectories, junctions, and encounters. Aimed at overcoming the false dichotomy between Africa as an object of world history, always deficient and lagging behind, and Africa as a subject, shaping its own future, in this chapter I critically assess the various pessimist/optimist forecasts. In particular, I look into future making by the international organizations, institutions, think tanks, and NGOs that might orient Africa’s future and in academic circles.

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In: African Futures