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This introduction to the papers of the 2011 conference in Potsdam on De veritate aims to put the reception of the work during the (early) Enlightenment into perspective, while introducing the several articles and their distinctive takes on Grotius and his theology. The importance of early-modern apologetics, its relations to natural theology, to rationalism and Deism, as well as to the changing self-image of Calvinism, are discussed. De veritate has been – and maybe still is – a mirror to reflect important issues of Enlightenment and religion.

In: Grotiana
In: Grotiana
In: Sacred Polities, Natural Law and the Law of Nations in the 16th-17th Centuries
Volume Editor:
Often considered a secularizing force in the rise of the nation state, natural law was also invoked in defence of confessional states. The fourteen chapters in this volume show how religious and secularizing approaches to natural and biblical law interacted and combined as early modern states navigated the fallout from the Reformation. From this new perspective, the volume revisits questions of political legitimacy, civic and ecclesiastical authority, societal stability, conceptions of the common good, liberalism’s value pluralism (and its pretence), toleration and the lingering humanist project of determining “who are we” – issues that were as important then as they are now.

Contributors are: Dominique Bauer, Thomas Behme, Hans Blom, Jiří Chotaš, Alberto Clerici, Stefanie Ertz, Arthur Eyffinger, Heikki Haara, Mads Langballe Jensen, Adriana Luna-Fabritius, Denis Ramelet, József Simon, and Markus M. Totzeck.
In: Early Modern Sovereignties