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(a.), the most usual word for newspaper in Arabic like g̲h̲azeta in Turkish and rūznāmah in Persian. This seems a fitting opportunity to collect some of the chief data on the history of the newspaper among Muḥammadan peoples, although a review dealing with the subject in some degree of completeness would far exceed the limits of an article in an encyclopaedia. In various sections the necessary preparatory work has not yet been done so that the following must necessarily be rather incomplete. Far the Arabic Press, which on account of the wide area it covers as well as its intrinsic importance is undoubtedly the most important, we are reproducing in a somewhat altered form Martin Hartmann’s sketch which has already been printed in Spécimen d’une Encyclopédie Musulmane, p. 11 et seq. He is also responsible for the section on China (vi). The accounts of other areas have been prepared by the editors from various materials.

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