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Author: Hee Eun Lee


Dokdo consists of tiny islets located in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) that have been a great source of tension in contemporary Korea-Japan relations. The purpose of this chapter is to outline South Korea’s claim to Dokdo. South Korea’s position rests upon the premise that it had historical and continuous title to Dokdo from the Silla Dynasty and lost physical possession when Japan decided to incorporate it several years before the formal annexation of Korea in 1910. South Korea views the taking of Dokdo by Japan as the first Korean territory that was taken in the process of Japan’s illegal conquest of the Korean peninsula. South Korea’s position on Dokdo rests upon an assumption that not only legal and historical arguments can be made regarding Japan’s behavior towards Korea, but also a moral judgment about the victimization of Korea. In that sense, from the South Korean perspective, the Dokdo issue cannot be characterized as merely a dispute over historical and legal claims specifically regarding Dokdo, but should be seen from the totality of Japan’s actions vis-à-vis Korea from the late 19th century onward.

In: The Dokdo/Takeshima Dispute
Author: Eun Hee Lee

This article reports on a study examining the tense and aspect morphology in oral narratives from L1 English L2 learners and heritage speakers of Korean, focusing on the relative contribution of lexical and discursive meaning in non-European languages by comparing the predictions of Discourse Hypothesis and Aspect Hypothesis. We also examine heritage speakers’ acquisition to discover whether an early age of acquisition, despite significant attrition later in life, leads to more native-like attainment of Korean. Unlike previous studies, our results suggest that discursive factors play a more significant role than lexical factors in determining the tense/aspect choice, and that temporal categories are interpreted indexically in the early stage of development.

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In: Heritage Language Journal
In: Northeast Asian Perspectives on International Law
In: Northeast Asian Perspectives on International Law
In: Northeast Asian Perspectives on International Law
In: Northeast Asian Perspectives on International Law
In: Dokdo