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Public demonstrations shed much meaning when the precarity of the human body’s standing in the public space is considered. This article seeks to decipher the complex messages such instances communicate through a case study of a one-person protest against a multinational conglomerate on a CCTV pole in Seoul. It describes how the body’s precarity generates transformative social imaginations through interdisciplinary analysis. Starting with a thick description of the protester’s and his community’s history, this article interprets the message conveyed in this particular public space through interdisciplinary analysis. The resulting interpretation allows the formation of an eschatological theological imagination which brews with the possibility to transform the public onlooker into participants in such imagination.

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In: International Journal of Public Theology
Understanding Biblical Engagement for Transformation
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Ps 119:105).” An avid Bible-reader reflects, 'As the Lord leads, the lamp illuminates my path, step by step.” Such small step makes sense when connected to another inspirational moment, marked by her deeply moved heart. 'The movement of the heart' emerges as a recurring phenomenon in the in-depth interviews with dedicated Bible readers who share powerful narratives of their Bible-reading journey's ups and downs. By unraveling the psychological, spiritual, and cultural dimensions of this heart-moving experience, this book forges a fresh practical theology of Bible reading.