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Helen Hardacre

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Edited by Helen Hardacre

The present volume documents the postwar history of United States scholarship on Japan. A careful selection of North American scholars under the general editorship of Helen Hardacre (Reischauer Institute Professor of Japanese Religions and Society at Harvard University) shows that a range of factors have directed Japanese studies in the United States since 1945. Among these factors are social and political change in Japan and the United States, shifts in dominant scholarly concerns about Japan, and changing evaluations of area studies.
The work consists of twelve essays in a wide variety of fields: history, art, religion, literature, anthropology, political science, and law. Each essay chronicles postwar scholarship in its particular discipline and provides a useful bibliography to serve further reference.
The general aim of the volume is to put current debates in historical perspective and to help assess the field's achievements. It identifies areas requiring more work and charts directions for the future.
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Edited by Helen Hardacre and Adam L. Kern

This volume of proceedings from the Conference on Meiji Studies presents a rare multinational interchange among professors, researchers, and graduate students investigating Japan. The essays reflect both an appreciation of past scholarship and a determination to destabilize existing paradigms about Meiji Japan in favor of a multiplicity of perspectives that privilege subjectivity and non-elite groups.
Attention to relations of power challenges the notions of modernization as the master narrative in Japan's recent history and of consensus as the primary characteristic of social interaction in Japan.
The authors present an array of intellectual perspective on topics in the social sciences, humanities, and arts, employing a variety of theories and methodologies.
The book will be welcomed by readers interested in the Meiji era, contemporary Japan, and postmodern theories of power.