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In: Diplomatic and Judicial Means of Dispute Settlement
In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade
WTO, OMC, these abbreviations are now well known throughout the world and the organization contained in these three-letter acronyms has become a principal actor in international relations – economic and other. Everyone knows that a large part of its impact in the international society comes from a revolutionary mechanism of dispute settlement (DSM) that forms part of the World Trade Organization. More than 250 claims have been deposited in seven years, of which sixty led to a report of an ad hoc panel and the majority of those led to a report of the Appellate Body.
This bilingual volume is the first in a series, which has the ambition to present the “jurisprudence” of this new mechanism, in a simple, coherent and systematic fashion. It is the result of intense cooperation between the two editors, and it is hoped to become a major reference work for all interested in the jurisprudence of the WTO and more general in the regulation of economic relations with respect to international commerce and all its multiple implications on daily matters.

OMC, WTO, ces sigles sont aujourd’hui mondialement connus, et l’Organisation qu’ils désignent est devenue un acteur principal des relations internationales – économiques et autres. Chacun sait désormais qu’une grande partie de son impact dans la société internationale vient du mécanisme de règlement des différends (MRD) tout à fait révolutionnaire qu’ incorpore l’Organisation mondiale du commerce. Plus de 250 plaintes ont été déposées en sept ans et qu’un peu plus de 60 d’entre elles ont donné lieu à un rapport d'un Groupe spécial, voire pour une majorité d’entre elles à un rapport de l’Organe d’appel.
Ce présent volume bilingue n'est que le premier d'une série d'ouvrages ayant pour ambition de présenter la « jurisprudence » de ce nouveau mécanisme de façon simple, cohérente et systématique. Il constitue le fruit d'efforts concertés que les deux éditeurs, associés à cette entreprise collective de grande envergure, espèrent voir devenir une référence incontournable pour tous ceux qui s’intéresseront à la jurisprudence de l’OMC et plus largement à la régulation des relations économiques en matière de commerce international, avec toutes ses implications multiformes sur la vie quotidienne de chacun d’entre nous.
Law • Economics • Politics
The Journal of World Investment & Trade (JWIT) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the legal aspects of foreign investment relations in a broad sense. This encompasses the law of bilateral, multilateral, regional and sectoral investment treaties, investor-State dispute settlement, and domestic law relating to foreign investment, but also relevant trade law aspects, such as services, public procurement, trade-related investment measures, and intellectual property, both under the WTO framework and preferential trade agreements. In addition, the Journal aims to embed foreign investment law in its broader context, including its interactions with international and domestic law, both private and public, including general public international law, international commercial law and arbitration, international environmental law, human rights, sustainable development, as well as domestic constitutional and administrative law.
The Journal is institutionally independent and ideologically neutral. It is not attached to specific national jurisdictions, but has a global outreach. It covers both the mainstream of foreign investment law and investment law’s frontiers. It offers a place for the publication of scholarly studies dealing with fundamental and systematic problems of foreign investment relations and their solutions, but also welcomes analyses of current topics, such as international and domestic policy trends, relevant case law, and country- or industry-specific case studies, including in the natural resources and energy sectors. It is open to doctrinal analysis as well as theoretical, conceptual, and interdisciplinary approaches, including law and economics analysis, empirical analysis, historical analysis, political science analysis, or normative analysis. It aims to address scholars, government officials, members of international and non-governmental organizations, and legal practitioners in both capital-exporting and capital-importing countries.

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In: La jurisprudence de l'OMC / The Case-Law of the WTO, 1998-2
In: La jurisprudence de l'OMC / The Case-Law of the WTO, 1998-2