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In: News Networks in Early Modern Europe
In: Literary Cultures and Public Opinion in the Low Countries, 1450-1650
This important interdisciplinary collection asks how the same biblical texts, shared across Jewish and Christian traditions, can be interpreted for different theological reasons and to different theological ends. Each article takes a sustained look at the intimate relation between features of particular texts and the generation of theological meanings, tracking in each case how different meanings are made or found in the same texts and where meanings diverge in different theologies. The book applies the most current historical and literary strategies of biblical interpretation to study the multivalence constitutive of texts and theologies. The contributors are John Barton, David Carr, Stephen T. Davis, Christian A. Eberhart, Lincoln E. Galloway, Gary Gilbert, Christine Helmer, Kevin Mongrain, Bernd Oberdorfer, and C. R. Seitz.

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Author: Jennifer Helm

In Poetry and Censorship Jennifer Helm offers insight into motives and strategies of Counter-Reformation censorship of poetry in Italy. Materials of Roman censorial authorities reveal why the control of poetry and of its reception was crucial to Counter-Reformation cultural politics.
Censorship of poetry should enable the church to influence human inner life that ---from thought and belief to fantasy and feeling--- was evolving considerably at that time. The control of poetic genres and modes of writing played an important part here. Yet, to what extent censorship could affect poetic creation emerges from a manuscript of the Venetian poet Domenico Venier. The materials suggest the impact of Counter-Reformation censorship on poetry began earlier and was more extensive than has yet been propagated.