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One of the fiercest enemies of Erasmus was the Spanish theologian Jacobus Lopis Stunica who contributed to the Computensian Polyglot that rivalled Erasmus’ New Testament edition. This second volume of the Amsterdam edition of the apologias contains the critical edition of the Latin text of one of the apologias against Stunica. The volume contains an introduction in English and a commentary which includes an identification of sources quoted, and background information elucidating the Latin text.
Apologia contra Sanctium Caranzam et quatuor apologiae contra Stunicam
In 1516 Erasmus produced a new Latin translation of the New Testament and the first edition of the Greek New Testament text ever published. The work won much praise and admiration, but also aroused vehement opposition. The most tenacious adversary of Erasmus' New Testament was the Spaniard Diego López de Zúñiga, fervently opposed to Erasmus' aim to translate the New Testament in more classical and more elegant Latin than that of the Vulgate. From 1520 to 1524, Zúñiga, supported by his compatriot Sancho Carranza, published seven attacks on Erasmus. Erasmus defended himself in six apologias (1521-1529). The first of these has been edited in ASD IX, 2. The five remaining apologias, one against Carranza and four against Zúñiga, appear here for the first time in critical editions.
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