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In: Literature and the Long Modernity


During a survey of trichodorids in continental Portugal, a new trichodorid species, Paratrichodorus divergens sp. n., was found. It is described and illustrated with specimens from the type locality together with additional morphometric data and photographs of specimens obtained from soil samples collected in seven other localities. The species is characterised in the female by distinct drop-like to triangular oblique vaginal sclerotisations diverging outwards and sperm cells usually distributed all through the uteri, and in the male by thin, almost straight, striated spicules, the two posteriormost precloacal supplements being located relatively close to one another and usually opposite the distal third of the retracted spicules, presence of a slightly bilobed cloacal lip and sperm cells with a sausage-shaped nucleus. Paratrichodorus divergens sp. n. most closely resembles P. hispanus Roca & Arias, 1986 with which it often occurs in mixed populations. Additional information is also provided for P. hispanus. Coding of the features of the new species is given following the identification key of Decraemer and Baujard.

In: Nematology