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This book represents the first comprehensive study on the concept of ritual purity in the Dead Sea Scrolls since the full publication of the legal material from Qumran. Utilizing an independent approach to the relevant documents from Qumran, this study discusses the primary and secondary literature on the five major categories of impurity in the scrolls (i.e., diseases, clean/unclean animals, corpses, bodily discharges, and sexual misdeeds). This examination is supported by a comparison between the scrolls’ purity legislations and their biblical counterparts. The book culminates with a comparison between the purity rulings in the scrolls and a diachronic reading of the explicit agreements and disagreements found therein. The result is a far more comprehensive and nuanced interpretation than has been previously offered.
In: The Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran and the Concept of a Library
In: Northern Lights on the Dead Sea Scrolls
In: Purity and the Forming of Religious Traditions in the Ancient Mediterranean World and Ancient Judaism
In: Journal for the Study of Judaism
In: The War Scroll, Violence, War and Peace in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature