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In: Interpreting Welfare and Relief in the Middle East
In: Protestant Missions and Local Encounters in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
In: Social Sciences and Missions


Single Scandinavian women, professionally trained as nurses or teachers, left for Turkish Armenia with a religious calling to proselytize and work with relief. In practical terms, however, they became part of the Armenian population's fight for survival during war and genocide. Encountering the Ottoman government's war against its Armenian population, Scandinavian mission work was transformed to performing illegal rescue operations. But the missionaries' careers, relief workers and war witnesses in the Ottoman Empire did not only have an effect on their professional lives, the closeness to Armenian society also shaped their private lives. Des femmes scandinaves célibataires, formées comme infirmières ou enseignantes, partirent pour l'Arménie turque en réponse à une vocation religieuse pour aller évangéliser et travailler dans l'aide humanitaire. Pratiquement, toutefois, ces femmes devinrent partie intégrante de la lutte pour la survie de la population arménienne face à la guerre et au génocide. Avec la guerre de l'Empire ottoman contre sa population arménienne, la mission scandinave se mua en une opération illégale de sauvetage. Non seulement la carrière de missionnaires et travailleuses humanitaires de ces femmes ainsi que leur expérience comme témoins de la guerre dans l'Empire ottoman eurent un impact sur leur vie professionnelle, mais leur proximité avec la société arménienne transforma également leur vie privée.

In: Social Sciences and Missions
Anglican Mission, Women and Education in Palestine, 1888-1948
This work focuses on Anglican mission and women's education in Palestine in the period from 1888 till 1948. As part of the "enlightenment movement" the project was initiated by British women educational pioneers, who influenced women to carry out the creed of academic training for girls also in colonial areas.
While the educational profile of the pre-World War One schools mainly focused on modernisation of the domestic role, during the British Mandate the highly educated Anglican women teachers had two aims for their work: To create a peaceful multi-cultural environment in a society characterised by religious and ethnic strife and secondly to introduce a modern feminine ideal to Christian, Muslim and Jewish middle-and upper class girls.
This study contributes to our knowledge of the Anglican missionary project, the role of women misionaries/educators and the history of Palestine.
In: The Quality of Heroic Living, of High Endeavour and Adventure
In: The Quality of Heroic Living, of High Endeavour and Adventure
In: The Quality of Heroic Living, of High Endeavour and Adventure