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In: Modern China and the West
In: Modern China and the West
In: Modern China and the West
In: Modern China and the West
In Modern China and the West: Translation and Cultural Mediation, the authors investigate the significant role translation plays in the act of cultural mediation. They pay attention to transnational organizations that bring about cross-cultural interactions as well as regulating authorities, in the form of both nation-states and ideologies, which dictate what, and even how, to translate. Under such circumstances, is there room for individual translators or mediators to exercise their free will? To what extent are they allowed to do so?

The authors see translation as a "shaping force." While intending to shape, or reshape, certain concepts through the translating act, translators and cultural actors need to negotiate among multifarious institutional powers that coexist, including traditional and foreign.

Contributors include: Françoise Kreissler, Angel Pino, Shan Te-hsing, Nicolai Volland, Joyce C. H. Liu, Huang Ko-wu, Isabelle Rabut, Xiaomei Chen, Zhang Yinde, Peng Hsiao-yen, Sebastian Hsien-hao Liao, and Pin-chia Feng.
Author: Pingyuan Chen
Editors / Translators: Isabelle Rabut and Angel Pino
The seven essays by Chen Pingyuan gathered in this collection are mainly focused on the evolution of the fictional genre during the transitional period of late Qing and May Fourth : the role played by periodicals, the relationship between elitist and popular literature, the link between modern fiction and tradition. In a broader perspective, they address the cultural changes that took place in these challenging times : the teaching of literature or arts at the old Beijing University, the place of the Dianshizhai pictorial between popular culture and Western modernity.

Through their approach, these essays show evidence of the transformations that occurred in China during the last 25 years in the field of research on modern Chinese literature and culture.

Les sept essais de Chen Pingyuan que rassemble le présent recueil portent principalement sur l’évolution du genre romanesque lors de la période de transition de la fin des Qing et du 4 mai : rôle de la presse, rapport entre littérature élitiste et littérature populaire, lien entre le roman moderne et la tradition. Ils évoquent de façon plus large les changements culturels survenus à cette époque charnière : l’enseignement de la littérature ou celui des arts à l’ancienne université de Pékin, la place de la revue illustrée Dianshizhai entre culture populaire et modernité occidentale.

Ces essais témoignent par leur approche des transformations survenues en Chine même, au cours des vingt-cinq dernières années, dans la recherche sur la littérature et la culture chinoises modernes.