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Isaiah xxvii 7 is widely regarded as one of the most obscure verses in Isaiah xxiv-xxvii, one of the latest additions to the book. After briefly dealing with the verse's syntactical issues, this article seeks to address the question of the verse's meaning using an intertextual approach. I argue that the first half of the verse evokes other texts in Isaiah about "striking", a theme introduced in the first chapter (i 5-6) and developed through Isaiah. Understood as part of an inner-Isaianic textual development, the verse makes the point that Israel has not been struck like the one who struck it (Assyria). The second half of xxvii 7, which uses the idea of "killing", makes a more immediate intertextual connection with xxvi 21. The article concludes by noting that viewed against this intertextual backdrop, the verse offers a further elaboration of xxvii 2-5(6) which depict YHWH's vineyard.

In: Vetus Testamentum