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In: Crustaceana


The morphological-evolutionary notions on oligomerization (i.e., reduction in numbers of segments) of the thoracic limbs and the first antenna in Copepoda Cyclopoida are examined in detail. It is shown that the process of oligomerization is correlated to a large extent with a decrease in body length. The oligomerization of the thoracic limbs is evolutionarily irreversible, thus capable of channeling the further pathways of morphological development. Consequently, its successive steps in phylogenetic lineages are considered to represent a kind of orthogenetic evolution. Les notions morphologiques-evolutionnaires sur l'oligomerisation (c'est-a-dire sur la reduction du nombre des segments) des pattes thoraciques et de la premiere antenne chez les Copepodes Cyclopoida sont examinees en detail. Il est montre que le processus d'oligomerisation est en correlation dans une large mesure avec une diminution de la longueur du corps. L'oligomerisation des pattes thoraciques est evolutionnairement irreversible, etant ainsi capable d'orienter le cours ulterieur du developpement morphologique. Par consequent, ses pas successifs dans les lignees phylogenetiques sont consideres comme representant une sorte d'evolution orthogenetique.

In: Crustaceana
In: Crustaceana
In: Crustaceana
In: Crustaceana
This part B of the fourth volume of The Crustacea contains chapters on:
● Crustaceans in the Biosphere
● Crustaceans and Mankind
● Crustaceans in Art
● Orders Lophogastrida, Stygiomysida, and Mysida [collectively known as Mysidacea]

As evident from the number 4B tagged to this volume, vol. 4 as originally planned had to be split into two fascicles, 4A and 4B, simply because of the numbers of pages covered by the various contributions meant for volume 4. The chapters in this book grew out of those in the French edition volumes 7(II) and 7(III)(A).

Overall, this constitutes the seventh tome published in this English series, viz., preceded by volumes 1 (2004), 2 (2006), 9A (2010), 9B (2012), 3 (2012), and 4A (2013). Readers/users should note that from vol. 4A onward we have had to abandon publishing the chapters in the serial sequence as originally envisaged by the late Prof. J. Forest, because the various contributions, i.e., both the updates and the entirely new chapters, have become available in a more or less random order.