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This article deals with the programmatic Idylls 1 and 7, with ample discussion of the scholarly debate surrounding these poems. Attention is paid to their place in the Theocritean corpus and to the various programmatic elements these poems possess, such as the amoebaean contest between two speakers and the interaction between (sounds of) nature and mankind. In the discussion of Idyll 1, the focus is on the description and iconography of the goatherd’s cup, and on the content and form of the song about the woes of Daphnis. In the discussion of Idyll 7, the distinctive narrative form (first-person narrative about the past) and the identification of Simichidas and Lycidas form the center of attention.

In: Brill's Companion to Theocritus
In: Speech in Ancient Greek Literature
In: Speech in Ancient Greek Literature
Positioning the Poet in Hellenistic Poetry
Hellenistic Poetry has enjoyed a notable re-appreciation in recent years and received ample scholarly discussion, especially focusing on its reception and innovation of Greek poetic tradition. This book wishes to add to our picture of how Hellenistic poetry works by looking at it from a slightly different angle. Concentrating on the interaction between contemporary poets, it attempts to view the dynamics of imitation and reception in the light of poetical self-positioning. In the courtly Alexandrian surroundings, choosing a poetic model and affiliation determines one's position in the cultural field. This book sets out to chart, not only the well-known complexities of handling the poetic past, but especially their relation to the poetic interaction of the Hellenistic, in particular Alexandrian poets.
In: Emotions and Narrative in Ancient Literature and Beyond
In: Homer and the Good Ruler in Antiquity and Beyond