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In: Homeric Questions
In: Homeric Questions
Essays in Philology, Ancient History and Archaeology, including the Papers of a Conference organized by the Netherlands Institute at Athens, Athens, May 15, 1993
Contents: Ruijgh, C.J.: D’Homère aux origines proto-mycéniennes de la tradition épique. Analyse dialectologique du lange homérique, avec un excursus sur la création de l’alphabet grec. Bakker, E.J.: Noun-epithet Formulas, Milman Parry, and the Grammar of Poetry. Jong, I.J.F. de: Homer as Literature: Some Current Areas of Research. Wees, H. van: Princes at Dinner: Social Event and Social Structure in Homer. Singor, H.W.: Eni Prôtoisi Machesthai: Some Remarks on the Iliadic Image of the Battlefield. Crielaard, J.P.: Homer, History and Archaeology: Some Remarks on the Date of the Homeric World. Stampolidis, N.C.: Homer and the Cremation Burials of Eleutherna. Crouwel, J.H.: Chariots in Homer and in Early Iron Age Greece. Crielaard, J.P.: A ‘Dutch’ Discoverer of Homer’s Tomb.
In: The Complex Past of Pottery
In: The Complex Past of Pottery
Mnemosyne Supplements, History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity is a series of monographs and edited volumes devoted to studies in Ancient History and the archaeology of the Classical period.

History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity is published as a sub-series of the Mnemosyne Supplements bookseries.
Production, Circulation and Consumption of Mycenaean and Greek Pottery (16th to early 5th centuries BC)
Proceedings of the ARCHON International Conference, held in Amsterdam,1996.