Jean Leclercq


The understanding of Christianity and its call under a specific transcendental modality of “inner listening” corresponds to a previous phenomenon logical deconstruction of the philosophical logos as a problem of self-manifestation within the world, structure of the outer awareness and imagination. The interpretation of Scripture also avoids the accusation of mere individualism as well as the recognition structure of the “Word of God” in a sheer contrast of sense/non-sense, which is to lag behind in terms of an immanent self-giving. In this way, thinking Henry is not different from the question of the forms of the Absolute within a thinking self affective subjectivity, as is experience of the Christian God for him in a trial (épreuve), which can not be separated from God himself. In this sense, the Henry’s Christology is to be understood, which sees itself as an immanent reportedly, in which the most original words of the Absolute be “repeated” itself. Therefore, in terms of philosophy and theology is a free – or even “wild” thinking at the limits of what can be said, because it radically phenomenological Central is an invisible divine life with Henry, whose speaking ultimately the only silence pathos of our able to be affective bodily accessible.

Friedrich Kempf, Giuseppe Alberigo, Hubert Anton, Jean Leclercq and Piergiorgio Camaiani