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Semantic analysis of the prenominal first person singular genitive pronoun (μου) in the Greek of the documentary papyri shows that the pronoun is typically found in the position between a verbal form and an alienable possessum which functions as the patient of the predicate. When the event expressed by the predicate is patient-affecting, the possessor is indirectly also affected. Hence the semantic role of this affected alienable possessor might be interpreted as a benefactive or malefactive in genitive possession constructions. By semantic extension the meaning of the genitive case in this position is extended into goal-oriented roles, such as addressee and recipient, which are commonly denoted by the dative case in Ancient Greek. The semantic similarity of the genitive and dative cases in these constructions might have provided the basis for the merger of the cases in the Greek language.

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In: Journal of Greek Linguistics


Spelling deviations are often considered to be the result of random variation or plain mistakes by the scribes. Based on the examples in this paper, I argue that some of the apparent deviations may actually be in accordance with contemporary norms. Close study of the spelling of five lexemes in the corpus of documentary papyri shows that the orthographic conventions at the time may have been different than suggested by contemporary grammarians and modern editors.

In: Mnemosyne
Volume Editors: F.A.J. Hoogendijk and Joanne Vera Stolk
This volume contains the first edition of 66 papyri and ostraca in the collection of the Leiden Papyrological Institute. The texts are dated between the third century BCE and the eighth century CE and originate from Egypt. They include two Demotic literary papyri (one of which is written in Hieratic script), 19 Demotic ostraca, 44 Greek documentary papyri and one Coptic ostracon. All texts are published with transcription, translation, commentary and colour photographs.
Some people love their friends even when they are far away: Festschrift in Honour of Francisca A.J. Hoogendijk
This volume is a Festschrift in honour of Francisca Hoogendijk, containing contributions by forty friends, colleagues and former students. It includes fifty-six editions and re-editions of (Abnormal) Hieratic, Demotic, Greek, Latin and Coptic texts, most of them from Ancient Egypt. The texts are as diverse as the jubilee’s own range of interests and her extensive papyrological network, including both literary and documentary texts, written on papyri and potsherds, dating from the twelfth century BCE to the eighth century CE. All texts are published with transcriptions, translations, commentary and photographs.
In: Text Editions of (Abnormal) Hieratic, Demotic, Greek, Latin and Coptic Papyri and Ostraca