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Chapter 1 Introduction
In: The Greatest Lecture I Was Never Taught
Chapter 13 “When I Need a Class Clown, I’ll Let You Know”
In: The Greatest Lecture I Was Never Taught
In: A Companion to Early Modern Istanbul
In: An Ottoman Cosmography
Leadership Lessons and Mentoring Moments from the Lives of Everyday Educators
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Informal learning experiences drive many into the education realm. For some, the opportunity to coach young people in sports or other extra-curricular programs is what motivates them to get out of bed in the morning. It is in these contexts that young people acquire some of the lessons that have stood the tests of time in their memory, and formulated their being. It is these moments that we hope to capture and pass on through this collective work.
The Greatest Lecture I Was Never Taught: Leadership Lessons and Mentoring Moments from the Lives of Everyday Educators asks educators from all sectors (K12, Higher Education, Educational Administrators, Medical, Military, Coaching, etc.) to reflect on these moments and help us pass them on. Some took this as an opportunity to finally thank a mentor. Others presented information on what shaped their priorities; and still others just wanted to tell a story. Whatever their motivation, this collection should serve as an investigation on how the informal teaching moments are a leader’s and mentor’s greatest tool.


This chapter seeks to identify TechTrends’ role as an official journal of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). By looking at the journey of TechTrends from its initial incantations as a magazine to its current role as a scholarly periodical, the changes of the organization can also be seen. Many other chapters in this book will focus on the overall history of AECT and its membership, but this chapter will look at the storied history of this periodical that has been and continues to be a cornerstone of this organization.

In: AECT at 100
In: An Ottoman Cosmography
In: An Ottoman Cosmography
Cihānnümā is the summa of Ottoman geography and one of the axial texts of Islamic intellectual history. Kātib Çelebi (d. 1657) sought to combine the Islamic geographical tradition with the new European discoveries, atlases and surveys. His cosmography included a comprehensive description of the regions of the world, extending westward from Japan and as far as the eastern Ottoman provinces. Ebū Bekr b. Behrām ed-Dimaşḳī (d. 1691) continued with a survey of the Arab countries and the remaining Ottoman provinces of Anatolia. İbrāhīm Müteferriḳa combined the two, with additional notes and maps of his own, in one of the earliest Ottoman printed books, Kitāb-ı Cihānnümā (1732).
Our translation includes the entire text of Müteferriḳa’s edition, distinguishing clearly between the contributions of the three authors. Based on Kātib Çelebi’s original manuscript we have made hundreds of corrections to Müteferriḳa’s text. Additional corrections are based on comparison with Kātib Çelebi’s Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Latin and Italian sources.