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Editor-in-Chief: John M. Fossey
McGill University Monographs in Classical Archaeology and History is a series intended for the publication of monographs in the fields of Greek and Roman Archaeology. It may also include monographs concerning Greek and Roman History when they present results acquired directly and not just incidentally from archaeological fieldwork. The keynote of the series is thus archaeological field research, both excavation and topographical study. The series may also house studies in Greek and Latin Epigraphy since many of the additions in these fields come from the results of archaeological fieldwork.
Papers on Recent Work in Boiotian Archaeology and History
Editor: John M. Fossey
Studies in Boiotian Inscriptions
Author: John M. Fossey
A collection of papers on various aspects of Boiotian epigraphy: Imperial letters, decrees of proxenia, military catalogues, manumissions, statue dedications, tombstones and graffiti. The texts discussed come from many parts of Boiotia but with a certain concentration from the Kopaïs. A few of the papers are reprinted from previous publications but many are here published for the first time and they are extensively illustrated. In addition to discussions of the various genres of text there are full onomastic and prosopographic comments on all names cited.
Author: John M. Fossey
Zoïtopoúlou, E.P. & Fossey, J.M. Les lampes gréco-romaines. 1992
This catalogue raisonné presents the 84 Greek and Roman lamps of the McGill collection. Much of the collection derives from North Africa and the Levant and thus is particularly representative of Palestinian, Egyptian, Roman and Byzantine types, but various examples from parts of Europe provide examples of earlier Greek and Italian types. The lamps are presented in chronological and geographic groups.
MUMCAH 4 (1992), 294 p. 21x29 cm. - 70.00 EURO, ISBN: 9070265966

Author: John M. Fossey
To coincide with the publication of his large monograph 'Topography and Population of Ancient Boiotia', we are reprinting a series of 15 of Professor Fossey's previously published papers. These papers, scattered across many periodicals, were written during the preparation of the monograph; the latter, in its turn, makes frequent ref-erence to the papers. In this way, the two works complement each other; the papers also treat of detailed problems which could not have received the same full discussion in the monograph. The papers are divided into four sections: testimonia, Mykenaian Boiotia, Sites and History of Boiotia from Protohistoric to Classical Times, and Roman Boiotia.
(Including the Papers of a Conference held at Ottawa University, October 1988)
Author: John M. Fossey
Contents: ADAM, J.-P., Approche et défense des portes dans le monde hellénisé. HAGEL, D., The Fortifications of the Late Bronze Age on Kiápha Thíti, Attike. NOWICKI, K., Fortifications in Dark Age Krete. LAUTER, H., Some Remarks on fortified Settlements in the Attic Countryside. MAELE, S. VAN DE, Le réseau mégarien de défense territoriale contre l'Attique à l'époque classique (Ve et IVe s. av. J.-C.). FOSSEY, J.M., The Development of some Defensive Networks in Eastern Central Greece during the Classical Period. GAUVIN, G., Les systèmes de fortifications de Kléonai et Phlionte à la période classique-hellénistique. OBER, J., Towards a Typology of Greek Artillery Towers: the first and second generations (c. 375-275 B.C.). BAKHUIZEN, S.C., The Townwall of Aitolian Kallipolis. WINTER, F.E., Philon of Byzantion and the Hellenistic Fortifications of Rhodos. GROS, P., Moenia: Aspects défensifs et aspects représentatifs des fortifications.
Author: John M. Fossey
Proceedings of the first international conference on the archaeology and history of the Black Sea
Author: John M. Fossey
Fossey, J.M. & Smith, P.J. (Ed.) Antiquitates Proponticae, Circumponticae et Caucasicae II 1997
Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Archaeology and History of the Black Sea (McGill University, November 1994).
Contributors: R. Doneva, J.M. Fossey, G. Gauvin, D. Kacharava, L. Kamperídis, S.A. Krebs, V. Licheli, J. Morin, G. Tsetskhladze, K. Tuite.

MUMCAH 19 (1997), 190 p. + pocket map. 21x29 cm. - 66.00 EURO, ISBN: 9050634788

Resultats des explorations et fouilles canadiennes à Khóstia, Grèce Centrale. I: Etudes diverses
Editor: John M. Fossey