Texts and Translations dedicated to the Memory of Nicolas Oikonomides
Editor: John W. Nesbitt
In honouring the memory of Nicolas Oikonomides the contributors offer a group of Greek texts and translations which reflect the wide interests of Byzantine authors and the varied genres to which they devoted their talents. Within its pages one finds an ekphrasis of Christopher of Mitylene, military speeches of Constantine VII, letters of Michael Psellos, an historical narrative regarding Empress Helena and the Finding of the Cross, two teaching texts, and a lengthy instructional manual, accompanied by a reprint of the original Brill Greek text, on withstanding a siege.
In: Byzantine Religious Culture
The Continuation of the Chronicle of John Skylitzes (1057-1079)
Authors: Eric McGeer and John Nesbitt
The years before and after the battle of Mantzikert (1071) mark a turning point in the history of the Byzantine Empire. The invasions of the Seljuk Turks in the east and the encroachment of the Normans from the west altered the balance of power in the eastern Mediterranean and forced the Byzantines to confront new threats to their survival. These threats came at a time when internal rivalries made an effective military response all but impossible and led to a significant transformation of the Byzantine polity under the Komnenoi.
The Continuation of the Chronicle of John Skylitzes, now translated for the first time, provides a contemporary view of these troubled times. An extension of the principal source for the middle Byzantine period, and a subtle reworking of the History of Michael Attaleiates, the Continuation offers a high court official’s narrative of the events and personages that shaped the course of Byzantine history on the eve of the Crusades.
In: Byzantium in the Time of Troubles
In: Byzantium in the Time of Troubles
In: Byzantium in the Time of Troubles
A Collection of Miracle Stories by an Anonymous Author of Seventh-Century Byzantium. Supplemented by a Reprinted Greek Text and an Essay by John F. Haldon
This volume contains a general introduction, English translation of and philological-historical commentary on an anonymous 7th- century A.D. hagiographical text entitled: An Account of the Miracles of the Holy and Glorious Megalomartyr and Wonder-worker Artemios. Also included is a photographic reproduction of the Greek text edited by A. Papadopoulos-Kerameus originally published by the Russian Academy as well as a supplementary essay by John Haldon. The general introduction discusses the historical persona of St. Artemios whose healing activities are predominantly centered on the Church of St. John Prodromos in Constantinople and who "specializes" in healing hernias and diseases affecting the genitals of mostly male patients.
This book will interest students of Greek (especially Byzantine) philology, history, hagiography and medicine. As it contains a translation of the original Byzantine Greek text, it should also appeal to those seeking to improve their knowledge of Byzantine Greek.