Margarida Espada, John T. Jones and Manuel Mota

We have previously identified two secreted glutathione S-transferases (GST) expressed in the pharyngeal gland cell of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, which are upregulated post infection of the host. This study examines the functional role of GSTs in B. xylophilus biology. We analysed the expression profiles of all predicted GSTs in the genome and the results showed that they belong to kappa and cytosolic subfamilies and the majority are upregulated post infection of the host. A small percentage is potentially secreted and none is downregulated post infection of the host. One secreted protein was confirmed as a functional GST and is within a cluster that showed the highest expression fold change in infection. This enzyme has a protective activity that may involve host defences, namely in the presence of terpenoid compounds and peroxide products. These results suggest that GSTs secreted into the host participate in the detoxification of host-derived defence compounds and enable successful parasitism.

Sophie Mantelin, Peter Thorpe and John T. Jones

There has been a huge amount of work put into identifying and characterising effectors from plant-parasitic nematodes in recent years. Although this work has provided insights into the mechanisms by which nematodes can infect plants, the potential translational outputs of much of this research are not always clear. This short article will summarise how developments in effector biology have allowed, or will allow, new control strategies to be developed, drawing on examples from nematology and from other pathosystems.

Tiasei Kikuchi, Peter J.A. Cock, Johannes Helder and John T. Jones

While the majority of Aphelenchoides species are fungivorous, some species are plant parasites that have retained the ability to feed on fungi. Aphelenchoides besseyi is an important and widespread pathogen that causes ‘white tip’ disease on rice. This migratory endoparasitic nematode makes a significant contribution to the estimated $US 16 billion worth of damage caused by nematodes to rice crops. Here we describe a small-scale analysis of the transcriptome of A. besseyi. After sequencing, QC and assembly, approximately 5000 contigs were analysed. Bioinformatic analysis allowed 375 secreted proteins to be identified, including orthologues of proteins known to be secreted by other nematodes. One contig could encode an A. besseyi orthologue of a GHF45 cellulase, similar to those present in Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. No transcripts similar to GHF5 cellulases were present in this dataset.

Sebastian Eves-van den Akker, Catherine J. Lilley, John T. Jones and Peter E. Urwin

Several structures associated with feeding by plant-parasitic nematodes have been described using two terms, feeding tubes and feeding plugs. However, both of these terms encompass multiple structures of independent evolution, some of which are functionally distinct. We have reviewed the literature on both structures and provide a new perspective on the function of intracellular feeding tubes to maintain the integrity and efficacy of the feeding site. We propose that they provide sufficient hydraulic resistance against the feeding site pressure to prevent it from collapsing during feeding. In addition, we propose that extracellular feeding tubes of migratory ectoparasites should be considered as the functional analogue of the stylet of all other plant-parasitic nematodes for withdrawal of host cell cytoplasm and, therefore, provide an example of convergent evolution. We also suggest that the main role of the feeding plug, irrespective of origin or composition, may be in adhesion.

Yuanyuan Mei, Peter Thorpe, Athanas Guzha, Annelies Haegeman, Vivian C. Blok, Katrin MacKenzie, Godelieve Gheysen, John T. Jones and Sophie Mantelin

Analysis of the genome sequence of the potato cyst nematode, Globodera pallida, has shown that a substantial gene family (approximately 300 sequences) of proteins containing a SPRY domain is present in this species. This is a huge expansion of the gene family as compared to other organisms, including other plant-parasitic nematodes. Some SPRY domain proteins from G. pallida and G. rostochiensis have signal peptides for secretion and are deployed as effectors. One of these SPRYSEC proteins has been shown to suppress host defence responses. We describe further analysis of this gene family in G. pallida. We show that only a minority (10%) of the SPRY domain proteins in this species have a predicted signal peptide for secretion and that the presence of a signal peptide is strongly correlated with the corresponding gene being expressed at the early stages of parasitism. The data suggest that while the gene family is greatly expanded, only a minority of SPRY domain proteins in G. pallida are SPRYSEC candidate effectors. We show that several new SPRYSECs from G. pallida are expressed in the dorsal gland cell and demonstrate that some, but not all, of the SPRYSECs can suppress the hypersensitive response induced by co-expression of the resistance gene Gpa2 and its cognate avirulence factor RBP-1 in Nicotiana benthamiana.

Somnath S. Pokhare, Samer S. Habash, John T. Jones, Abdelnaser Elashry and Florian M.W. Grundler


This paper presents studies on the life cycle of Heterodera sacchari under in vitro conditions. Pluronic gel was used as a medium for growth of H. sacchari. The life cycle was completed in 7-9 weeks on rice (Oryza sativa, ‘Nipponbare’). After infection, juveniles developed and reached the reproducing adult female stage at 25 days post inoculation (dpi). At 35 dpi, all females produced eggs in various numbers. Some females were translucent and eggs inside could be counted. At 49 dpi females started to tan and developed into dark brown cysts. Hatching of H. sacchari juveniles from cysts could be stimulated by 3 mM ZnCl2 but not by rice root exudates. The in vitro culture of H. sacchari on Pluronic gel can be used efficiently to collect post-infective nematode/host samples at different time points for various studies and to screen different rice cultivars for resistance/susceptibility.

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