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In: Expanding and Restricting the Erotic
In: Expanding and Restricting the Erotic


In the Logic of Sensation, Gilles Deleuze applies his philosophy on aesthetics to the painted figures of the artist Francis Bacon, with particular focus on the sensation of “the scream”: a human cry embodied as a fall, where people “find themselves,” even when selfhood dissolves for a moment. This chapter uses the concepts, percepts and affects of a Deleuzian scream to study three heterogeneous aesthetic experiences. First, Danko Stante’s film Consequences, a pioneer LGBTQI+ movie from Slovenia, is discussed highlighting the logics of powers exerted on an individual, ultimately resulting in a cinematic expression of a scream. Next, the short film pros-thesis, directed by Lawrence Buttigieg, is explored seeking how a scream gets encoded into moving images from the perspective of a painter. Lastly, the sensation of a scream is applied to explore masochistic experiences founded on the social media website of financial domination (#Findom). In this way, the chapter is constructed as a triptych, indicating the trajectory of the erotic in contemporary societies. Today, new forms of scream are experienced after the COVID-19 pandemic. Tracing the signs of the times, this research reveals a “new normal” of artistic expression in the 21st century: the self as erotic figure.

In: Sexuality and Eroticism in a Post-pandemic World
In: Exploring Erotic Encounters
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The cultural change denominated as “the new normal” goes far beyond the adaptation to habits like physical distancing, limited person-to-person contact, teleworking, and self-isolation established with the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of significant transformations in human behavior spreads today in societies all around the world: physical intimacy decreases while virtual reality expands and alterity declines while artificial intelligence emerges, leading to structural reconfigurations of sex, relationships, gender awareness, and subjectivity. Sexuality and Eroticism in a Post-pandemic World explores this new cultural atmosphere through twelve interdisciplinary essays questioning global governmentality and challenging the biopolitics of the new normal—the administration of self-control societies so politically correct that repressed desire for otherness only finds a simulation of its satisfaction with the forced abnormality, outrageousness, and violence of mainstream porn—, going from ars erotica to alternative pornography, from online dating to gender fluidity, from LGBTQI+ artivism to sex life cultivation, and more.