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In this article the author offers a theological reading of John Coltrane’s seminal 1965 album, A Love Supreme. He suggests it is feasible to interpret Coltrane’s work as a musical parallel of sorts to the phenomenon of praying in tongues. The author contends that such a reading is not only possible but also desirable, since it issues a challenge to the modern Church regarding its worship practices and the use of glossolalia, making the issue important for modern Pentecostal Christian communities.

In: Journal of Pentecostal Theology


In this article, the author challenges the consensus surrounding Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. This consensus claims the Bethlehem birth was a fabrication posited as messianic fulfilment of Micah 5.2. First, the author summarises the majority position on the issue. Second, the author problematises the notion that there was an expectation regarding Bethlehem as messianic birthplace. Third, the author claims the available evidence might equally suggest Jesus was born in Bethlehem, with Micah 5.2 reinterpreted in light of this. As such, the author calls for renewed discussion about Jesus’ birthplace, and the nature of scholarly argumentation surrounding the issue.

In: Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus


In this article the author analyses the lament over Jerusalem (Matt 23:37–39; Luke 13:34–35) and its use of bird imagery. He argues the picture of Jesus as a mother hen builds on an established metaphor that uses the imagery of a protective bird to refer to Yhwh’s divine protection over Israel. The author therefore asserts this pericope most likely portrays Jesus as the person of Yhwh.

In: Novum Testamentum
In: Brill's Companion to Hellenistic Epigram