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Military Implementation of Cultural Property Protection Following the 1954 Hague Convention
Heritage under Siege, winner of the Blue Shield Award 2012, is the result of international multidisciplinary research on the subject of military implementation of cultural property protection (CPP) in the event of conflict. The book considers the practical feasibility as well as ideal perspectives within the juridical boundaries of the 1954 Hague Convention. The situation of today's cultural property protection is discussed. New case studies further introduce and analyze the subject. The results of field research which made it possible to follow and test processes in conflict areas including training, education, international, interagency, and interdisciplinary cooperation are presented here. This book gives a useful overview of the playing field of CPP and its players, as well as contemporary CPP in the context of military tasks during peace keeping and asymmetric operations. It includes suggestions for future directions including possibilities to balance interests and research outcomes as well as military deliverables. A separate section deals with legal aspects.
Issues in Cultural Heritage Protection
Series Editor:
The growing number of critical developments that has taken place since Heritage and Identity was created in 2012 has turned the themes covered by this series into crucial issues that are discussed worldwide.
Not only has global cultural heritage been threatened by natural events, it has also been affected by the increasing cruelty of conflicts, criminal activities and geopolitical changes. As a consequence, the concept of Cultural Property Protection (CPP) is a growing issue for both society and the academy.
The series Heritage and Identity analyzes the complexity of this topic using multidisciplinary methods, including historical and archeological perspectives and aspects of international and criminal law and security, but also by taking anthropological, religious and economic matters into account.
Due to this interdisciplinary approach, the series is of great relevance not only for academics, but for anybody interested or involved with the protection of cultural heritage, from an intellectual and a practical point of view.
Protecting Cultural Property during Conflict
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The protection of cultural property during times of armed conflict and social unrest has been an on-going challenge for military forces throughout the world even after the ratification and implementation of the 1954 Hague Convention and its two Protocols by participating nations. This volume provides a series of case studies and “lessons learned” to assess the current status of Cultural Property Protection (CPP) and the military, and use that information to rethink the way forward. The contributors are all recognized experts in the field of military CPP or cultural heritage and conflict, and all are actively engaged in developing national and international solutions for the protection and conservation of these non-renewable resources and the intangible cultural values that they represent.
An Overview and Analysis of Contemporary Perspectives and Trends
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In Cultural Property Crime various experts in the fields of criminology, art law, heritage studies, law enforcement, forensic psychology, archaeology, art history and journalism provide multidisciplinary perspectives on today’s concept of cultural property crime, including art crime. In addition, the volume deals with international, legal and practical developments regarding the increasing criminalization of acts against cultural property in times of conflict. Attention is paid to the changing status and fluctuating appraisal of cultural property as subject to classical art crimes generally in peacetime and as an identity-related symbolic target during conflict. The book covers a wide range of topics such as forgeries, white-collar crime, archaeological looting and the impact of war on cultural heritage.
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